Sticker: Aging, beauty, style, elegance and fashion concept. portrait

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Sticker Aging, beauty, style, elegance and fashion concept. Portrait of thoughtful middle aged lady wearing beige turtleneck sweater with hand under chin, pondering, having worried facial expression
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Spiegelbild Sepia Schwarz-Weiß
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Sticker: Aging, beauty, style, elegance and fashion concept. Portrait of thoughtful middle aged lady wearing beige turtleneck sweater with hand under chin, pondering, having worried facial expression.
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Autor: © Anatoliy Karlyuk; Nr. des Fotos: #188317877, #316434177
Close up image of happy good looking elegant fifty year old woman wearing warm cozy jumper, pearl earrings and short stylish hairdo being in good mood sitting in living room, smiling broadly at camera
People, age and maturity. close up shot of elegant blonde middle aged woman with short haircut looking up with pensive smile, thinking about something pleasant, making plans, recollecting old days
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Close up studio image of beautiful attractive middle aged european lady with stylish haircut and neat make up looking away with confident smile posing isolated against marbled wall background
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Fashionable beautiful retired caucasian woman with pixie hairdo wearing casual clothes posing in studio keeping eyes closed and smiling with pleasure and enjoyment, listening to good music or dreaming
Indoor shot of fashionable overjoyed mature female in turtleneck sweater enjoying positive news, having ecstatic facial expression, laughing and clenching fists. success and achievements concept
People, coziness, domesticity and season concept. charming beautiful retired woman spending leisure time indoors at home looking at camera with confident smile, keeping arms folded on her chest
Portrait of successful confident middle aged businesswoman with short dyed hair looking at camera with broad smile making ok gesture, rejoicing at good profitable deal and great yearly income
Middle aged woman wearing elegant red bonnet holding bouquet of white dandelion flowers given on her birthday, having happy joyful look, closing eyes with pleasure, inhaling fresh floral scent
Serious pensive middle aged female wearing warm pullover and pearl earrings looking at camera having deep in thoughts facial expression, holding hand under chin. contemplation and deliberation
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Surprise, amazement and astonishment concept. beautiful blonde middle aged lady staring at camera in full disbelief, looking at something amazing, keeping hands on cheeks, can’t believe her eyes
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mit freundlichem Glück auf
Peter Prokosch
Peter Prokosch
Ja, bin mit dem Produkt sehr zufrieden. Die Kaffeetasse sieht auf der Glaswand sehr dekorativ aus. Wenn von oben noch eine Folie gewesen wäre, die man hätte abziehen können, wäre das Glück perfekt gewesen. Aber auch so ok. Gerne meine nächste Bestellung wieder bei Euch.
Rita Metzger
Sehr schnelle und unkomplizierte Lieferung der wunderschönen Fensterbilder. Vielen Dank !
Habe lange nach so einer tollen Auswahl an Skyline gesucht. Habe eine meiner Heimatstadt gefunden die einfach toll ist. Und der Auftrag wurde super schnell und sauber ausgeführt. Mein "Schatz" kam sehr sicher verpackt bei mir an. Nun überlege ich meine Freude mit anderen zu teilen. Werden sicher noch viele Geschenke bei euch bestellt werden.
Danke ihr habt mich glücklich gemacht.
Nun machen wir noch andere glücklich.
Laura Berger